Quality and Sustainability

The Management of EUROCOLOR Lacados S.L.U. considers that the Quality and Environmental Policy is one of the fundamental pillars of the organization, indispensable for the success of an open economy.

Environment-friendly Materials and Finishes


Our firm will is to offer our customers high quality finishes and materials that are respectful throughout their life cycle with the environment. After assessing our context, risks and opportunities, Management has decided that the scope of the Integrated Management System is as follows:

EUROCOLOR Lacados has decided to apply all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards with the aim of promoting a company culture whose aim is to reach quality and respect for our environment and the well-being of the entire team, as this is our strategic advantage.


EUROCOLOR Lacados strictly complies with all national and international legal requirements regarding quality and the environment, as well as any other legal requirements or technical standards of our activity, such as the QUALICOAT Guidelines, or any other type of voluntarily contracted standard that may be applicable to us.

To this end, it is necessary to consider quality and sustainable development our first and last aim and must be integrated at all levels of our organization, in all our activities and decisions.


The common objective of everyone at EUROCOLOR Lacados is that our Management system should be a useful tool to achieve our best results, and serve as a reference framework for the establishment of objectives that enable the continuous improvement of our products, environmental performance and the satisfaction of our customers.

The quality of the service is based on our facilities and in-house technology that we use in our processes. Our main objective is to effectively meet the wishes, expectations and needs of our customers, adding extra value to the product.

We advise, help, guide and assist our clients to solve all their doubts and offer the best solution for each project. Our technical service is always at your service.