All EUROCOLOR’s production processes have passed the controls of the certifying entities and have the main quality seals.

Our facilities comply with the most demanding Quality parameters


Qualicoat is an international organisation committed to the maintenance and promotion oh the quality of aluminium coating for architectural applications, which guarantees and certifies all our production processes. The QUALICOAT Quality Standards set a series of technical requirements for all coating processes, forms and pretreatment systems required to be quality certified. It is a regulation that contemplates the entire process of aluminium coating.


EUROCOLOR is a plant with the QUALICOAT certificate nº. 432 obtained in 1996 and was the first plant in Spain to obtain the SEASIDE Certificate that covers our special sealac® pretreatment.

This seal guarantees that the installations are subjected to several annual inspections to control compliance with all the parameters required by the coating standards.