In EUROCOLOR we know that each project requires its own specifications, that is why we are able to offer from standard processes to highly customised quality processes.

Personalised projects of the highest quality



In EUROCOLOR, with the aim of obtaining maximum quality in all products, the production process always begins by applying a pretreatment in tanks or by spraying on the vertical line to all the profiles that enter the factory, giving the product a layer that cleans and protects against corrosion and increases the adherence of the paint.

In addition to the high standard quality, EUROCOLOR offers products with higher performance such as its sealac® treatment: an exclusive CLASS 2 treatment system that gives profiles and sheets great resistance to particularly aggressive external agents, such as marine environments.


Powder Coating

EUROCOLOR is specialized in polyester powder coating on metal profiles. It offers a high quality coating service with a great thickness of paint that is transformed into high performance as great resistance and durability.

The polyester powder on profile is one of the most demanded services by our clients of metallic carpentry. The high thickness of the paint gives high strength, especially when combined with sealac®pretreatment.

durolac® is a highly durable exterior finish that offers excellent gloss retention properties and color stability.

In EUROCOLOR we are specialists in powder coating and we provide aluminium with the colour and image required for each project with the maximum quality covered by the QUALICOAT quality seal of approval:

· Polyester Stardard powder – QUALICOAT CLASS 1
· Extradurable Polyester Powder for which we have our own brand durolac® – QUALICOAT CLASS 2
· Hyperdurable Polyester Powder – QUALICOAT CLASS 3